Project 2 Micro Site

Develop a time-variant interface based on a linear or nonlinear experience to communicate a message. In this project, we will explore the notion of interactive systems to be relationally-based and contextually-specific to the user.
Looking at the the words and images used in magazines (Cosmopolitan) in a new way.
They (Magazines) are so fragile and expendable. We view them as a window into a world. We look to them for inspiration, a message, entertainment. Cosmopolitan always has a message. Girl power, powerful women in the 20th century. But their message of self love is often lost in their bombardment of images. This piece juxtaposes those words of encouragement with the excess of fluff in the magazine. They often show contradictory messages. This piece also shows that along with slowly drowning out a message until there isn’t one at all. Are you inspired or is this just more fluff in our click bait society?
Three issues of Cosmopolitan Magazine, Glue, French Paper, String
Going into this project I thought I would find all the things that magazines what doing wrong. That I would find that cosmos was sending a hypocritical message to its users. What I found was that Cosmopolitan's messages were all about female empowerment. Their message could be twisted if you only looked and part of the words but together they provide a powerful message.